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In Between Runs

Stevi Hillman

By: Katelyn McLeod, writer for Barrel Horse World

Stevi Hillman

Stevi Hillman

In between her recent win at Red Bluff and the rodeo in Clovis, Stevi Hillman took a second to answer a few questions! When Stevi stepped on the scene she created some major waves in the rodeo world winning some of the toughest rodeos: Reno, Casper, Pendleton, and the All American Finals just to name a few. The part-time x-ray technician qualified for her first NFR in 2016 and finished 6th overall.

Hometown: Ordway CO

What horses do you travel with?
At this moment-
*Cuatro Fame 'Truck' 10 yr old gelding
*MCMImASharpGuy 'Sharpie' 5 yr old gelding
This summer will be those 2, plus-
*Morning Traffic 'Martini' 6 yr old mare
*Luv My Fame 'Layla' 5 yr old mare

What is your greatest accomplishment?
- Gosh, Reno was neat but I'll have to say Pendleton was just an incredible experience, so blessed to say I've won that one.

-What is your favorite rodeo and why?
- I'd say Salinas is one, well first off it's an awesome rodeo but also because you have rodeo, fresh fruit/nuts and ocean all right there in one place, I love that!

Stevi Hillman

Stevi Hillman

How do you prepare for the different arenas?
- I'll watch videos before I go and then I'll do exactly what my horses need. I'll get there early if I need to and ride them in the arena. Or if it's a funky different pattern and you can't get in there, I'll set up something similar so my horse can feel it. Whatever you can do to increase your odds to succeed.

What are you thoughts before you go in the arena?
- Usually 'kick by' lol but I just tell myself, 'Let's see how fast we can be.' So my focus is on me and my horse, that's all I have control over at that moment.

How do you decide which horse to run at different rodeos?
- It's hard having more than one good one, but I try to plan ahead and get a game plan. For example, if I know one doesn't do well in deep ground then I run the other, or small pattern vs big, etc. Once again, you've got to know your horses.

What is the hardest thing about rodeoing?
- I'd say staying healthy. It's so easy to get run down out here, eat junk and not get as much sleep. So it's important for me to make sure I get my jog in and keep healthy food in the trailer. I'm still learning to sleep when I can lol.

Where's your favorite place to eat on the road?
- Any really good Thai restaurant, I love curry!

Where's your least favorite place to eat on the road?
- Lordy, I will not eat at a Taco Bell or McDonald's

What buckle do you wear?Pendleton ?

Stevi Hillman

Stevi Hillman

What was it like to win Red Bluff?
- It was nice to get back to the big outdoors. I think 'Truck' agrees! I knew what I had to do in my second run and it felt impossible to run that....but I kept reminding myself 'Nothing is impossible with God.' So I gave it all we had. And He never ceases to amaze.

It was also a special win on that day because a year ago that Sunday my grandmother passed away, so that win was for her.

I am blessed to have these incredible athletes in the trailer and to be able to do what I love.

I would like to thank my whole team. I am beyond blessed with some amazing people... Jason and Melissa Mouton, Matt and Bendi Dunn, Cody and Michelle Darling, Ceri Artzer, Carrie Reed, Morgan Anderson, Ty Hillman, and I would like to give a huge thank you to all my sponsors: Shiloh Saddlery, Hay-Rite, Nutrena, 5-Star Pads, Rock And Roll Denim, EquiPulmin, Flair Strips, Team PHT, Flexi Neb, Outlaw Equine, and MVP

The 2012 Reserve Rookie of the Year is holding a solid spot in the 2017 World Standings at 5th with $49,308.71 and only competeing in 26 rodeos. We wish you the best, Stevi, and can't wait to watch how this year unfolds for you.

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